Monday, June 21, 2010

Tire Kicker!

Hugh helped Cliff and I go check out a car for Crystal. He was the official tire kicker due mostly to his proximity to the ground.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

Hugh helped Papa celebrate Father's Day!

Detroit Architectural Tour

Wendy, Splinter, Hugh and I had an opportunity to join in on an Architectural Walking tour of Detroit. We learned a lot about the cities cultural center and the Architects and sculptors who helped form the area as we know it. The boys couldn't help but have a little fun on the sculptures out in front of the D.I.A.

Hugh gotta have friends!

Hugh and I believe you gotta have friends!


In this case it is as much about presentation as it is about how delicious the desert is. This is a homemade (by Petr) Chocolate Lavender Creme Brulee!

48 Pieces of Chalk

$6.00 at the local craft store.
15 minutes to unwrap and rebox chalk.
5 minutes of frantically drawing all over the driveway

Show us your Mug

Hugh takes a moment to get out the new Starbucks mug from NYC. This is from their new collectors series and i was lucky enough to get one from my recent visit to Nashville too.

Hugh and the Wild Blue Yonder

Well as we boarded the plane on Thursday to go to NYC, rumors were flying and later confirmed that we would NOT be flying home on Spirit. So we put Sharon's husband Tim to work to find us a rental car or another flight. As it ended up we got a wonderful first class flight home on Delta Airlines and an extra day in NYC. What more can a wooden man ask for?


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

From Dawn till Dusk!

We started our day at the Chelsea Market where we picked up some goodies to take on a picnic in Central park.
1.) Chelsea Mkt has been built throughout an old meat packing company and it was cool to see how the new fit in with the old, sculpture and photo displays graced the walls of this very cool marketplace.
2.) One of the shops i made a purchase in was Eleni's where i bought a Red Velvet cupcake.
3.) A quick visit to the wine shoppe where Hugh stands on top of canned champagne, dainty straws included.
4.) Archways have been carved out of the existing walls to provide a long walk way to move from shop to shop.
5.) After our picnic in the park we strolled around a bit and ran into a commercial being shot in the "Mall" area of Central Park.
6.) Sharon, Hugh and Dani pose on a bridge in the park with a great view of the skyline.
7.) Near the end of the day we made our way to "High Line" an old "L" train converted to a walking path, Hugh poses with Pier 54 in the background.
8.) One last shot before the sun went completely down, the Empire State Building lit up!

Claudette, Sharon & Hugh Bite The Big Apple!

Hugh immediately made friends with our pilots Guy and Torrey and gave them a hand checking the gauges and pushing the throttle on our flight to NYC.

Our first meal in NYC was at place called the Cafeteria where we shared some Polenta, Cornmeal crusted Calamari, Fontina Mac & Cheese and some Parmesean Truffle Fries. We a had a fully sleeved mixologist making our cocktails for us.

Can you guess where Hugh is going?

Hugh provides a hint as to where we are going tomorrow!

Camera Man

While Hugh throughly enjoyed his directing debut he wanted to try his hand at running the camera. This time they were shooting the first half of the "Game Responsibly" short.
To view the results follow this link:

Blue Prairie Flax

Hugh and I love this Blue Prairie Flax that i acquired by mistake when I took a clump of daisy's. I planted the 3 scrawny stems last summer and watered it but it was nearly dead and at that time I had no idea what it was. Well this summer within weeks of sprouting it was 2 feet high and produced these beautiful periwinkle colored five petal flowers. Each day as the wind blows each petal falls to the ground like confetti and every morning it has a hundred new flowers on it. It has done this everyday since.


Hugh makes his directorial debut while filming a "Game Responibly" short for a youtube campaign about - duh "gaming responibly". These shorts are the brain child of Chris (Crystal's friend from school) There is also a scene that precedes this video you can watch. To see the video clip follow this link:

Control Freak!

Hugh help Crystal take control of her game.

Hugh Rocks Out!

Hugh helps keep the tempo and assists Chris on drums!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hugh takes a moment to ponder things overlooking one of the many ponds or water features on the grounds at St. Sabbas Monestary.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fire Corps Cookout!

Hugh joined us for our Fire Corps Cookout tonight where we learned about fire safety and ate some delicious goodies!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hugh too and more than a lose screw!

Well it seems that Hugh is going to be on a medical leave to have his arm repaired. It just so happens that Hugh can not put his hand over his heart when he says the "Pledge of Allegiance". So until Hugh is back on his feet or at least has two hands to work with Hugh Too will be stepping in on his behalf. (Thanks again Meme & Rich for sending him to me from Tennessee)