Friday, June 11, 2010

From Dawn till Dusk!

We started our day at the Chelsea Market where we picked up some goodies to take on a picnic in Central park.
1.) Chelsea Mkt has been built throughout an old meat packing company and it was cool to see how the new fit in with the old, sculpture and photo displays graced the walls of this very cool marketplace.
2.) One of the shops i made a purchase in was Eleni's where i bought a Red Velvet cupcake.
3.) A quick visit to the wine shoppe where Hugh stands on top of canned champagne, dainty straws included.
4.) Archways have been carved out of the existing walls to provide a long walk way to move from shop to shop.
5.) After our picnic in the park we strolled around a bit and ran into a commercial being shot in the "Mall" area of Central Park.
6.) Sharon, Hugh and Dani pose on a bridge in the park with a great view of the skyline.
7.) Near the end of the day we made our way to "High Line" an old "L" train converted to a walking path, Hugh poses with Pier 54 in the background.
8.) One last shot before the sun went completely down, the Empire State Building lit up!

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